Why A Career Coach?

...and why Ed Weirauch?

Today's job market can still be highly competitive in some sectors.  And candidates can face their own unique challenges. 

So you need to mine every asset you have, including strengths other people see in you but you may take for granted. In addition, a job search can be a very isolating experience. You may be working from home, missing the human contact you enjoyed at your last job and some days just feel unmotivated. 

With whom do you exchange ideas, try out interview questions and answers, share your frustrations? Who will guide you so that you are indeed doing the right things?

That's the value of a career coach, and what opportunity could be more worthy of your investment than finding your next job? 

Ed thrives on supporting people, offering suggestions and advice, asking probing questions when necessary as well as cheering for his clients. When you are networking more effectively, presenting yourself well and relying on a powerful resume, then Ed's mission for you is accomplished. 

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