"You get your own PR guy..."

For 25 years, Ed Weirauch has earned a reputation as an effective public relations (PR) professional throughout the Delaware Valley. As your Career Coach, he draws on his marketing and PR principles to get you noticed, strengthen your communication skills and capture the most positive and accurate you to present to prospective employers. And he's sure to share gems of insight from one of the best selling books ever published: Dale Carnegies's How To Win Friends and Influence People

Ed's Background

If there was a college degree in career development, Ed would have earned it by now. Instead, he draws on practical experiences starting with his days as a work-study student in the Rutgers University Career Planning and Placement Office, several successful job searches, a lay-off or two and a personal commitment to learning from both good and bad experiences and sharing those learnings with others. 

Ed is a resume writer for the national outplacement firm Careerminds and a Career Direct Consultant, enabling him to offer his clients an outstanding career assessment.

Ed's Career Coach Blog